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iSOL8-R is a zone alarm system designed to keep you safe in the pandemic.

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Winner Of The NERA COVID-19 Innovation Challenge




can you go?

iSOL8-r is based on maps and geo-fences. These might be a city, suburb, state or even your home. They might be a hospital or school. Which places are safe? Where is in lockdown?


is it safe?

One of the risks of the pandemic is that rules change every day. iSOL8-r tells you when it's safe to travel. Whether it's safe to travel there now.

Why is it safe? iSOL8-r is based on rules. iSOL8-r stores rules about places and times in the cloud. Your device reads those rules, and compares them to your current position.

do you know?


Your comfort zone in the pandemic.

Real-time alerts

Feel at ease knowing you’re not breaking any laws or putting others at risk with a simple alert app. Designed to keep you safe.

Serious Engineering

iSOL8-r is based on the iSOL8 industrial isolations system, Western Australia’s digital innovation of 2019. iSOL8 keeps workers safe near hazardous equipment.


We have to be clear, iSOL8-r isn't a privacy app. It's a community safety app.
iSOL8-r will send SMS messages to someone in authority if you approach or enter a sufficiently hazardous space.

That doesn't mean we don't care about privacy. We collect none of your personal information. We store nothing about you on your device or server. We keep no record of your movements.

iSOL8-r. Your comfort zone in the pandemic.

The Team

Craig Power

Steve Asher

Managing Director of iSOL8 Systems. Craig invented iSOL8-r. Craig was West Australian professional engineer of the year in 2018, and innovative engineer of the year in 2017

CTO of Nuclyus and CryptIQ. Steve wrote the code. He's the inventor of the Industrial bc and Hōshō blockchains, and designer of the Mineral Blue industrial safety system.